Take the Next Right


Take the Next Right


Tired of making wrong turns in life? Discover God's principles for staying on the right path.

An 8-week video study from Kim Crabill
We all want to do what is right. But in a constantly changing world, it gets harder and harder to know a right turn from a wrong turn. God assures us that though we may not be able to see a map of our entire journey, He will always show us the next right turn. In this 8-week study, Kim Crabill draws practical insights from a creative combination of familiar traffic signs and profound scriptures.

Week 1: Signs
Week 2: Yield
Week 3: No Littering
Week 4: Unmarked Pavement Ahead
Week 5: Under Construction
Week 6: Slow! Pedestrians Crossing
Week 7: No Thru Traffic
Week 8: HOV Lane Ahead

This product is sold as a digital download. Print documents are provided in PDF format. Video is available for online streaming.

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